Buying technology is great. There are hundreds of new electronic gadgets each year and they are updated, faster, smarter and more innovated. But, what do we do with our old gadgets? There are many ways to recycle your electronic gadgets. Do you know why this is important? During many years, our throwaway society has been damaging the environment with electronic waste. That would n ot be so bad if it went into the right recycling bin. But, tons of electronic waste, mobiles and gadgets polluted the oceans, fields and clog up landfill. Moreover, it takes hundreds of year to degrade and many items are made of materials that cannot be recycled easily by each local authority.

First of all, do not throw them away because gadgets and mobiles can contain a variety of heavy metals or others toxins that we do not want to released into the environment. Instead, we will try to recycle them or find a way to reuse them.

But, if you are about to recycle a mobile, you should know that you it is important to wipe your data before recycling it. While recycling and donation programs promise to remove old data from any phones processed through their facilities, anyway it is better to be safe and do it by yourself. Make sure you back up your contacts list, save any old messages, photos and any other data you care about, and then restore your phone to the factory default.

It is important to know that there exist many things you can do with the old gadgets. You can sell it. No matter if it is an old electronic because there are many companies specialized in buying used gadgets and mobiles. You can recycle your electronics and also get some money. Besides, you can donate them. If you do not want your gadgets any more, maybe there are some other people that actually do want them.

You have to bear in mind that you have to recycle with responsibility. Responsible e-waste recycling involves many steps that have to be followed. Also, there are many electronics stores that have collection bins for recycling this kind of material. You do not have to send them to the landfill. It is important to know where they should be recycled.

The last option is reuse. There are many green ways to reuse electronics. For example, you can send them to educational programs where they use some components. You can also get in touch with organizations that send mobiles, chargers or mp4 to new users who cannot afford them.

So, you know that you can give electronics away, you can e-Cycle or sell them. But, be aware of the damage that electronic waste does to the earth. It is not urban waste so it has to be recycled properly and with conscience.

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