Some people think of feng shui as simply cleaning up the clutter in your home or even office space. However, feng shui is so much more than that. Of course, it is a wonderful idea to clean up clutter. You will almost instantly get the feeling of being recharged, revitalized, and refocused.

Cleaning up clutter, though, is simply not enough. As we all know, clutter has a way of sneaking back in to dump on us. Maintaining that clutter is an important part of feeling energized also.

Feng shui, on the other hand, is so much more than just cleaning up and maintaining color. The art of feng shui uses the environment that you live in to send subtle energizing messages to your brain.

The Beginning is the Focal Point

For many feng shui practitioners, it all begins with the entranceway to the home. The focal point of the entryway to your home must be inviting. If you have an entranceway that is unclean, cluttered, and unappealing to the eye, chances are that visitors will feel these negative vibrations upon entering your home, thereby bringing these negative vibes into your home.

Place potted plants that are clean and pretty at the front door, have a welcome mat with big beautiful welcoming letters or an inviting saying. Hang wind chimes near the front door that sway musically in the wind while your guests are waiting for you to let them in for a peek at what is inside.

Strategic Placement of Furniture

It is essential that furniture be strategically placed for feng shui to work properly. For example, furniture should not be placed underneath large chandeliers, as this gives the mind the impression of pending doom looming overhead. Have furniture face, but not in direct alignment with, doorways, so that the mind processes it as opportunities coming in to the room and into your life.

The Use of Color

Some feng shui practitioners use color to create moods and atmospheres, utilizing colors such as soothing lavender for bedrooms and sunny yellow for energy in a kitchen or office space.

Nature Incorporated

Another important and necessary ingredient in feng shui is the need for nature to come in from outdoors. Incorporating plants and natural fibers are important to feng shui as they represent the connection with the energy of nature.

Water flowing is associated with abundance flowing, plants growing and thriving are associated with your life growing and thriving.

In all these ways, peaceful soothing colors, allowing opportunity to flow into you through proper placement of furniture, allowing water to flow abundantly through miniature tabletop waterfalls for an abundant life, are all perfect examples of how feng shui can change your environment and change your life.

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