Actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced today in a State of Department press conference that his foundation will donate 7 million dollars to help establishing an ocean preserve and fight illegal fishing in the South Pacific.

“This isn’t a simple exercise in wildlife conservation”, DiCaprio told the delegates in Washington. “If we don’t do something to save the ocean now, it won’t be just sharks and dolphins suffering and dying. It will be our children and grandchildren”.

DiCaprio, President Obama and other global leaders gathered at the conference today to focus their efforts on the ocean and challenge other nations to join their initiatives since the “ocean is a source of food and economic growth” the POTUS added.

“We can’t afford to let degrade that resource, that’s why the United States is leading the fight to protect the oceans. But for this effort to succeed, it has to be bigger than just one country”

The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation is dedicated to protecting earth’s last wild places through campaigns and media projects.

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