Sometimes we feel kinda uncentered, with daily problems that seem overwhelming and every day tasks feel like an impossible burden. That’s when we must start some new habits to improve our life and start feeling again like a part of something big and beautiful.
Follow these small steps and get back on track in no time!


1. Start your day drinking a big glass of water

The key to a healthy body is keeping it hydrated and clean. Drinking a full glass of water before breakfast is way better than pumping coffee, tea or a shake on an empty stomach.
This habit will help you to wake up -yes, even faster that the coffee- and clean all the waste your body was collecting during the sleep. Keep a bottle with yourself throughout the day to keep the machine going. Also a glass of water right before going to bed help avoid coronary issues and CVA during the night.
The green version: do not buy bottled water. Buy a reusable bottle with a filter, and refill it with tap water at home or the office.


2. Exercise your kindness

I am sure you remember the movie Pay It Forward (2000) and the positive impact this way of life has on their characters, but recent studies proved that there is a real impact in people’s health by being kind to one another. From small gestures like keeping the door open to a stranger to more engaged activities like volunteer in a hospital, kindness can launch endorphins into the bloodstream that improves your overall health and spirit.
Put this into practice and make it a goal to do something kind for someone each day, and generally try to be kind, be friendly, be compassionate to everyone. You will see the results from day one!
The green version: commit and volunteer in some local environmental association and help people to be kind to all living creatures and the planet.


3. Think positive

The fuel to most major life improvement is the knowledge that you can make it. If you feel that the Universe is not helping, you won’t get the help you need from the Universe.
Defy the odds firstly with your mind, and the obstacles will look easier to overcome. There are plenty of stories of people finishing college at old age or stating a sport or quit smoking at every age. Fuel yourself with those great achievements and get confident in yourself, you could be the next success story!
The green version: think positive about your fellow humans. This seems an almost impossible task if you spend 5 minutes watching the news, but try to focus on how nice are your friends and acquaintances and introduce them to a more green living.


4. Stretch

Your body is not made to sustain a fixed position for hours, and modern life usually pushes it to a limit. Whether you exercise or not, a full stretching routine should be a part of your day.
At least 15 minutes of deep stretching will improve your circulatory and nervous system, increase your muscles flexibility and prevent serious illnesses like kidney stones and gallstones. There are plenty of routines on youtube, so try them and stick to the ones that you feel more comfortable with.
The green version: do it outdoors! Yes, even in winter, but first warm up with some walking around the neighborhood. A good full stretching will also renovate the air in your lungs, so what’s better than inspire all the nature surrounding you.


5. Focus only on the essential

This is easier said than done, I know. We live in a world that constantly pushes us to things that we don’t need or want and just clutter our living experience.
First, find the things in your life that are most important to you, that you love the most, that you certainly cannot live without. Put those in writing and eliminate everything else! This goes for activities, decoration or clothing. Be smart, have only meaningful experiences.
The green way: reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce your waste generation by buying less things, reuse or donate all the abandoned stuff that is cluttering your storage spaces and encourage your whole family to to the same.

This 5 habits are the cornerstone of a better daily life, and will help you face the challenges you will find in your life with a better and more effective attitude. Which one will you adopt first?

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