We are not a big company with a green mask, we are not mass media hiding behind a tree, what we are is simple, we are people changing and sharing that change. We are dreamers, over-and-under achievers, tree huggers, mental and environmental health junkies, and we are backed by a team of talented people in the media and technology industries with the goal of sharing information and ideas for the purpose of producing sustainable change on our planet. We are a network of world changers meeting at a nexus in order to create a new community and inspire change. We live in the ideal and the real world, where promoting green is not always altruistic but nevertheless inspired and stimulated by the exchange of ideas, information, and technologies.

Yes, we are not a non-profit organization, but we want to provide people with the information, techniques and technologies needed to make a difference. We share the latest information, news, how-to’s, and portals to help make this transition into a better world better and easier for you. We are not 100% green either, but working on it continuously in a flux of improvement, learning to change and sharing our challenges and successes in the process. We are learning to teach and teaching to learn. Also, an unprecedented 10% of every dollar that streams through our site is allocated to different charitable efforts for world improvement.

Over the past few years, with an increase in alerting ecological disasters and through the spread of information by means of social networking sites, we have begun to understand the importance of changing the world around us and our ability to facilitate that change. Under this belief and armed with the latest technologies, we are building a force to create the biggest propaganda war against the status quo so that we can drive positive change and save the world today!


Our mission is to effect change for the greener; to inspire, inform, educate and empower those that want to improve their lives and protect the planet we live on, by providing practical, relevant information and promoting products and technologies related to environmental and social responsibility and green living. We believe it can be done through the development of content and programming that addresses the issues plaguing our world with an eye toward solving them. We are not reinventing the wheel or walking on water, simply making it easy, accessible and fun for anyone to get involved and change the world.


The Treeliving.com logo is a representation of all that our planet offers: food, shelter, energy and life. Its design depicts our desire to teach and promote the concepts of conserving these valuable resources by understanding the three main branches of green living: reduce, reuse, recycle.


The show consists of short and fun video clips of an 11 year old little girl, who cares about the planet and is learning to be “green”.
Whether it be recycling, conservation or sustainability tips, “Mia’s Show” is full of fun facts, eye opening statistics and real life demonstrations of how to organize and prepare yourself to lead a greener lifestyle and leave a smaller carbon footprint.