If you work in an office, you’ve probably saw it more than just a couple of times – a coworker (let’s call him Greg) arrives with a water bottle in his hands only to throw the plastic bottle in the garbage once is empty. C’mon, Greg, that’s nasty!  Or let’s say he doesn’t and he put it aside for recycling (that’s more like it, Greg). What Greg probably doesn’t know is that the bottle water he drinks isn’t as pure and perfect as he thinks.

Bottled water is (unfortunately) one of the most ubiquitous drinks around the world. And we say is unfortunate because bottled water is causing many problems. On the first of the situations above, Greg is one of the millions of people that is contributing to plastic pollution, a problem that’s causing U.S. landfills to overflow with 2 million tons of discarded water bottles and our oceans with plastic waste. Given that it takes over 1,000 years for a plastic bottle to degrade, you can get the picture – Greg and all the people like him are littering the planet.

‘Hey’ you might say ‘but the Greg in my office is recycling his bottles!’ Good for him! Sadly, it might not be enough. Since only PET bottles can be recycled, only 23% of all bottles are sent to a recycling facility. The rest ends up where you can already imagine – the landfills and the oceans. Finally, Greg is suffering from the same problem regardless of what he does with his bottle. He’s drinking water that isn’t safer or purer than tap water (in fact, that’s what most bottled water actually is).

So, tackling the water problem certainly is something we need to do right now. That’s why finding solutions like FloWater feel so nice.

Fresh & chill water right into your office

At first, FloWater Refill Stations might seem like a regular water dispenser. But it’s the technology at its very core that marks the difference and helps to turn those Refill Stations into the best alternative to bottled water. That tech is called 7x purification process, a proprietary method of purifying water that takes tap water, removes impurities, enhances it minerals and electrolytes to later refine it through a coconut carbon filter.

The result is water that ‘feels’ different – because it IS different. It’s healthier for your body and, of course, it gives you (and Greg!) the opportunity to say goodbye to plastic bottles. It’s an interesting investment that most offices should consider, since the Refill stations are built to last, are energy-efficient and are the quickest and safest way to get hydrated. We are enjoying the benefits at the Treeium office right now and we encourage you to do too!

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