Sleep disorders can cause serious problems for our health. Without proper rest, we can develop long-term mental or physical illnesses. Although many people find it easier to just take a pill, getting a good night’s sleep without the use of chemicals or drugs is also possible, and a healthier option.

Below are some tips to help you fall asleep naturally!

Lavender: Lavender is an excellent choice to help you sleep. Purchase natural Lavender oil and add a few drops to a hot bath before bed or use a few drops on your pillow so you can relax and fall asleep faster. Another option is to buy lavender tea.

Chamomile Tea: This is another great herb to help you fall asleep. A warm chamomile tea after a hot bath will soothe your mind and body.

Sleep Sanctuary: Your bedroom should be a sacred place where you can relax and sleep well. This means no work, no bills, no TV and no fighting in bed!

Meditation: Lie in bed and visualize yourself completely relaxed and falling asleep.  Meditation can also help clear your mind and focus on what really matters: getting a good night’s sleep.

Yoga:  The yoga pose the Corpse (Savasana) is a great exercise for relaxation and you don’t need to be an expert in yoga to do this. Lay on your back with your arms and legs stretched out and relaxed. Then slowly tense and release each part of your body, starting from your forehead down to your feet.  As you release each area, picture that part of your body melting away as you release it.  

Getting a good night’s sleep not only helps prevent disease, but helps you be more productive and creative. So make sure you get a good night’s rest!

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