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Environmental issues are on the forefront of people''s minds today. If the health of our planet concerns you too, you might be interested in these green gift ideas that will help you celebrate in an eco-friendly way. As we buy more and more things, we produce more and more waste, and we encourage the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials in their production because most manufacturers do not follow environmentally-friendly practices. Here are some interesting ideas that are original and green at the same time!
1. Give an Experience
What does that mean? It means you can choose other type of gifts instead of giving something tangible: tickets for a concert, a movie, an unforgettable dinner in a restaurant. A gift of this nature will not require boxes or wrapping paper and it is such a meaningful gift if you know what your friends like. 
2. Pamper Your Friends
Another very original option, especially for busy friends, is to arrange for a massage therapist to come to your friend''s house or give a gift certificate for a spa session. I guarantee you that they might not expect such a gift but they will certainly appreciate it. Who wouldn’t want to relax after a busy week?
3. Retro is Not Dead
Reducing, reusing and recycling are in, and retro fits right into that. Putting to test your do-it-yourself skills, you can create a really meaningful gift for someone you love. Buy pillows or cushions and decorate them with buttons or embroidery to create a unique gift. Yard sales are also a good option to find reusable stuff such as jewelry, books, or clothing that is in excellent condition. Make it unique by adding your own style. 
4. Homemade Gifts Mean a Lot
People really appreciate time and effort in the selection of a gift for them and that is evident in a home-made gift. But you have to think about what they''d like. You don’t want to give them a useless object that you spent hours manufacturing yourself, don’t you? Do they like food? Bake chocolate cookies and put them in a vintage container or a jar – you can find beautiful stuff in antique stores. Do they like to write? Make them a scrapbook out of recycled paper. 
5. Food is Always Appreciated
Aside from the chocolate cookies mentioned above, that may be tasty but not really healthy, there are practical and meaningful food items you can give the people on your gift list. Bake them a loaf of homemade banana bread or even prepare and share an entire meal with them. There’s nothing like homemade food!
6. Give a Living Gift
Give people things that are truly green! Why not adopt a pet for them; you can make both an animal and a friend happy.  Give a plant; nothing brings more life to a room than a plant! However, make sure the person really wants a pet or a plant and that he/she is going to take care of them as good as you would.

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