By TreeLiving It’s ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ on Friday June 22nd and what a great idea it is, too. The inspiration for this ground-breaking workplace innovation builds on a study that showed the positive effects of taking your pet pooch to work with you. In brief, the workplace health researchers came to the conclusion that employees were less stressed and more productive if they could have their dogs wi th them during the working day. It also increased their commitment to the organization and boosted job satisfaction. It promoted interactions among work colleagues as well. And, of course, it’s a great deal for the lucky dogs, who are generally delighted not to be left home alone, without stimulation, attention and human contact. It may surprise you to know that some businesses and employers are already laid back and progressive enough to let employees take their dogs in to the office. If this evokes visions of a free for all, then it’s not quite what it sounds like. In the experiment, at premises employing around 550 people, up to thirty dogs were permitted per day, on a rotating basis. Also, the researchers emphasized that there did have to be boundaries and policies in place. Only well-behaved dogs (and owners for that matter) need apply. The experiment wasn’t just good for pet dogs and their owners. There are a lot of working people who don’t have a dog precisely because they think it’s unfair to leave animals that are as people-dependent as dogs on their own for long hours every weekday. For frustrated dog lovers there are benefits too. And, of course, if the policy was rolled out more widely, a lot more people might consider getting a dog. With many thousands of pets abandoned every year, the implications for animal welfare are clear. It could encourage more pet ownership and, specifically, more adoptions of dogs languishing in animal rescue centers and shelters. Take Your Dog to Work Day will also help create awareness of dog welfare, the need for more adopters and the benefits of interacting with animals on a regular basis. This is now scientifically well-established. Having a pet can help lower high blood pressure and stave off or help alleviate depression. Animal visitors to senior citizens and retirement facilities are now commonplace, since the boost it gives to elderly residents became apparent. Hardworking employees may now have more opportunities as employers recognize the advantages that pets at work may confer on their businesses. In the meantime, the researchers are rolling out extended studies that may help convince more sceptical employers that this really is a good idea, with bonuses for everyone involved. If you’re a dog owner (or even if you’re not) it might be something worth suggesting to your boss before the 22nd of June… Go to to find out more!

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