If you love fashion then there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed a growing trend in eco fashion. Eco fashion is defined as fashion that supports and practices sustainability. Whether an item is recycled or repurposed, or made from sustainable materials like bamboo, or from environmentally responsible materials like organic cotton, it is considered eco fashion.

While it’s a trend on the rise, it’s not a new trend. Top fashion designers have been creating eco fashion for years and new designers are emerging. Let’s take a look at the most influential eco-designers.

Giorgio Armani – Giorgio Armani isn’t a new name to fashion. He’s been an industry leader for decades. And he’s one of the first major designers to embrace eco-design in his fashion empire. His first project started in 1995 when he developed a process to recycle denim. The jeans were actually put on display at the Science and Technology Museum of Milan. He also developed jeans that used 60% recycled wool and recycled cross dyed cotton, as well as hemp, and polyester from plastic bottles. He’s worked with fair-trade cotton projects in both Peru and Bolivia. Armani is truly one of the most influential eco-designers in fashion industry of our time.

Katharine Hamnett – Katharine is known for creating Campaign or slogan t-shirts in the late 80’s. Her t-shirts were copied by many other designers including the famous “Relax. Frankie Say” t-shirts for the group Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Her t-shirts were featured in many music videos. She is considered an ethical clothing innovator and an avid campaigner for the use of organic cotton. Her t-shirts are produced with the highest eco-friendly standards for organic cotton. She was actually appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2011 New Year Honors for services to the fashion industry.

Stella McCartney – One cannot talk about eco-fashion in 2013 without mentioning Stella McCartney. She’s considered to be one of the pioneers of eco-design and creates clothing that is cruelty free and provides fashionable alternatives to animal products. She’s also launching an organic collection and continues to be one of the most widely known eco-designers.

In the world of design there are many designers and brands that embrace environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices. These three industry leaders are considered to be some of the most influential. Eco fashion isn’t a new concept however thanks to these icons it has become more widely accepted and sought after.

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