Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate moms and all they do for us. It’s also a day when we can honor the planet and nature at the same time. Everyone will appreciate and enjoy these eco-friendly gift ideas for mom.

Organic Spa Collection

There are many companies that make 10 0% pure organic spa products. What mom can resist lavender body wash, lotion, and essential oils? Avalon Organics also ensures that their packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. When searching for organic spa products for mom, look for products made from 100% vegetarian ingredients without parabens, synthetic colors, fragrance, or preservatives. This is a great option for any budget as you can find organic spa products at any price level.

Reclaimed Wood Frame

What better way to celebrate your mother than with a family photo displayed in a beautiful reclaimed wood frame? You can make a frame yourself from pieces of wood found at a salvage yard. Or you can purchase reclaimed wood frames online. Another fun way to celebrate the day with reclaimed wood is to create a reclaimed wood clock. You need a few pieces of wood, paint to make the numbers, and a battery operated timepiece to mount in the center.

Soy Candle

Many mothers enjoy the soothing aroma and the ambiance given off by a candle. Unfortunately, most traditional candles give off toxic fumes and are harmful to the environment. Soy candles are not only safe for mom to enjoy, they’re also made from 100% natural ingredients. Organic soy candles are made from soy that isn’t treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. And soy candles last longer than traditional candles so mom can enjoy your eco-friendly gift for longer.

Reusable Gifts

Give your mom the gift she can use over and over. For example, consider buying her a tote made from organic cotton. She can use it for her shopping or for holding her belongings while she’s out and about. Or consider purchasing a reusable coffee mug or water bottle. Personalize your ecofriendly gift by adding a special message, graphic, or photo. If you have a slightly larger budget you can add onto the gift by filling a tote with organic produce or clothing that mom will love. Or give her the reusable coffee mug with a bag of fair trade organic coffee or tea.

When it comes to eco-friendly gift ideas for mom, there are many to choose from. Consider what the mom in your life will enjoy. Make it yourself with reusable or repurposed materials. Or consider the organic option. Mom is sure to appreciate your consideration for both her and the environment. Happy Mother''s Day!

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