May is national pet month. It’s a month to not only celebrate your own pets at home but to also help spread awareness about pets and pet ownership. Here’s how you can get involved in this growing celebration.

Tip #1 Promote the Benefits of Pet Ownership – National pet month has five goals. The first is to promote the benefits of pet ownership. If you own a pet then there are fun ways to get involved in this goal. You might share photos of your beloved pets online. You likely already do this anyway.

However during the month of May simply add the tag #nationalpetmonth to help spread awareness. And if you have a pet related cause that you’re connected to, you might share a link to that organization’s website or blog.

Tip #2 Support Pet Adoption – There are millions of available cats, dogs, birds, small mammals, and reptiles across the country who are waiting for their happy home. From humane societies to rescue groups there is a pet out there for everyone who wants one. Help these animals get adopted. Share links to your favorite organization to help increase awareness.

People connect visually with adoptable animals so consider sharing a photo of an adoptable animal and a link. And if you have some free time, consider donating a bit of it to your favorite organization. Monetary donations and donations of food and supplies are also always welcome. Do what you can during the month of May to help animal shelters care for their wards.

Tip #3 Promote Responsible Pet Ownership – While we cannot control what other people do, we can be a good role model. Take excellent care of your pets at home. Feed them quality food. Make sure they receive proper veterinary care. Love them and care for them as if they were your family members because they are.

One exceptional way to promote responsible pet ownership is to get involved online. Share checklists, tips, and information about pet care. If you’re passionate about pets you can help others take better care of their own by simply sharing information.

Finally, let’s not forget the way many pets help improve the lives of others. We’re talking about service animals. They help people with post-traumatic stress disorder. They visit patients in the hospital. They guide the blind, protect those with epilepsy and so much more. Consider how you can get involved with service animals and help others benefit from our amazing pets.

May is national pet month and it’s the perfect month to get involved in spreading the word. If a pet has made a difference in your life, share your story. And if you’ve ever considered adding a pet to your home, now is the perfect time.

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