Oy vey, with the toxins in the baby stuff! If I’d known 80 percent of my toys, car seats, and pack ‘n’ plays were harming my babies, I really would have put those tiny ones in a bubble.

BPA-free, of course. Until we have reasonable laws in place that protect the littlest members of our society from toxic products, you’ve got to shop smart.
If you’re not lucky enough to have an eco-friendly baby shop on your block, head to the Internet, where these online stores have enough chemical-free, environmentally-friendly options to fill your nursery.

Here are 10 of the best places to shop safe for your baby:

1. The Little Seed

These eco-friendly mamas started The Little Seed when they had babies and wondered where the heck all of the eco-friendly, non-toxic baby gear was hiding. If you don’t live down the street (like I do, whoo!), go online to get these adorable organic cotton, with non-toxic dye, jumpers ($28). Pants, onesies, and dresses are available as well.

2. Green Toys

Starting solids? Be sure you think about what your baby is putting in his mouth in addition to the food (organic, pesticide-free, right?). These BPA-free spoons and forks ($5.99) from Green Toys will make you feel secure about dinnertime.

3. California Baby

Bathtime can be fraught, especially when you take a look at all those chemicals in some of the baby shampoos on the market. California Baby is all natural, all the time. No chemicals will be next to your baby’s soft skin, and for the sensitive tot, get the sensitive shampoo and bodywash to keep things smooth ($20.99/19 ounces).

4. gDiapers

If you aren’t sure if you want to go full cloth diaper, gDiapers are an excellent compromise. Not unlike the car, this hybrid is eco-friendly and chemical-free, while still offering the convenience of a disposable center. Which means less poopy laundry to do. Win.

5. Giggle

A comfy way to wear your baby, Giggle offers up the Moby wrap in organic cotton ($60) so all that material wrapped around your infant is 100% safe. And snugly — super duper snugly. If you’re more of a Bjorn type of gal, Giggle has the organic Baby Bjorn as well ($150). Either way, you’re surrounding your baby with toxic-free goodness.

6. Kid O Floating Ducks/EWG Amazon List

When the Environmental Working Group endorses environmentally-friendly, toxin-free products, you know it’s going to be good stuff. Adorable and safe is this bath toy for baby from Kid O ($10.89). And if you use the Amazon link, you’ll donate to the cause of keeping toxins out of our toys, clothes, food, and anywhere else it sneaks in — those dirty toxins.

7. What Every Baby Needs

In addition to being organic, these elephant storage bins ($37.95) are ridiculously cute. What Every Baby Needs also can hook you up with non-toxic toys, clothes, and baby slings. That’s some one-stop shopping you can feel good about.

8. Pure and Little

You’re not going to let your baby be surrounded by off-gassing toxic sheets, are you? If you want to go for the most stylish look in organic, try this organic vein crib set from Pure and Little ($614). Yes, it’s pricey. So perhaps set up your registry here and hope someone else will help you in your goal to be safe while fashion-forward.

9. Layla Grace

Layla Grace is also known for its luxury items, but for an affordable price, you should grab an Aden + Anais sleeping bag ($30). Made from natural muslin, it gets softer the more you wash, and stays just as adorable from the first time you wrap your baby up in this cute thing.

10. Jake & Ella

Jake & Ella’s tag line “less disposable, more sustainable” lets you in on the fact that they promote environmentally-friendly and safe products. From top to tail, they’ve got you covered. Try the organic diaper cream from Enessa ($38.95), which offers all of the soothing and none of the chemicals for your baby’s sweet cheeks. And top off your little one with an all-natural maple teether ($15.95) for toxin-free chewing.

Where do you get your chemical-free baby gear?

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