Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Chances are you’re already in the planning phases. You want to make the day perfect for the Mom(s) in your life. You can create a fantastic celebration that is both memorable and eco-friendly. Here are ten tips and ideas to have a green Mother’s Day.

1. Don’t Travel – Cut ba ck on emissions, which increase greenhouse gases, by celebrating the holiday at home.

2. Cook it Yourself. Instead of driving to a restaurant or caterer, cook your Mother’s Day meal yourself. It’s environmentally friendly and it shows mom just how much you love her.

3. Buy Food Locally. Head to your local farmer’s market or farm stands to buy your produce for the day. Many take place on Saturday so you can buy your produce on Saturday and have it fresh and ready to use on Mother’s Day. If you don’t have a farmer’s market close by, you can be eco-conscious by buying organic produce at the supermarket.

4. Use Regular Dishes. Instead of using paper products like paper plates and plastic silverware use regular dishes. Sure, you’ll have to wash them but you’ll be saving trees.

5. Compost. When your celebrations are over, compost the veggies, used gift wrap, and other relevant materials. Turn your garbage into soil and keep it out of the landfills.

6. Celebrate Outdoors. You can also appreciate the environment by celebrating outdoors. Have a picnic, walk to the park, or go for a bike ride. Get out and enjoy nature.

7. Buy Green Gifts. Green gifts are another way to celebrate the day in an environmentally friendly way. A green gift is a gift that was made locally, made with Organic materials, or made sustainably. Finally, a green gift can be something that doesn’t require anything to make it. For example, a gift certificate for a massage.

8. Plant Instead of Buying a Gift. Does your mom love roses? Plant a rose bush in her garden. Does she enjoy an herb garden? Plant one for her in her yard. Even better, start a veggie patch you can later care for and enjoy together!

9. Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap. Re-use gift wrapping paper from previous holidays (use one that matches the occasion not a birthday one!) or you can use a paper bag to wrap the gift then hand decorate the outside to give it a personal touch. Take this a step further by buying recycled cards.

10. Keep Electronics Off Today. Consider having a “no electronics” day. Turn off the television. Stay off the computer. Simply spend the day enjoying one another’s company. It’s good for the environment and you may be surprised just how relaxing your day will be.

By making these simple changes for Mother’s Day you’ll be making both your Mom and Mother Nature happy and proud!

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