Green homes are highly desirable and green building is big business. You won’t have any trouble finding green builders if you are planning a green home or a green makeover in your existing residence. Researching the providers of green building services is a necessary starting point for anyone venturing into this arena.

With any big new thing, there are great companies and a few fly by night operators. ‘Greenwashing’ – making overblown claims about the eco-friendliness of products and services – is a danger you should be aware of. There are people out there who style themselves green but aren’t as eco-friendly as they seem. On the other hand, there are firms who have built their reputations by providing genuinely innovative green solutions and services. Check credentials and ask for references and recommendations.

There are all sorts of green building strategies and systems, with new ideas constantly coming onto the market. Don’t take a single supplier’s word for what to choose – be diligent in checking out what’s available and what is best for you. If you’re seeking a green home you’ll probably be looking at one of three options: building from scratch, green remodeling or buying an existing ecofriendly home. Different firms have different specialisms, so looking at the specifics of their track records is important.

Do you need an architect to create your green home? Green home design can be complex and specialized, so expert knowledge and experience can make a big difference. The down side is that the best design and advice often comes with a price tag that isn’t affordable for everyone. Nevertheless, if the bill is within your reach, its probably well worth it. Firms that are architect-led should be able to give you a state of the art green home. If you are doing green remodeling on an older home an architect’s trained eye may be the way to go in order to adapt the building most effectively, and with due regard to the existing structure and its aesthetics.

A relatively new development in the green home market is the prefabricated eco-dwelling. For a dwelling that will go from blueprint to eco-friendly home in a short time this is worth considering. The advantage is that you can get a new home, fully attuned to green concerns, without the need to pay through the nose for an architect or deal with all the details that green building involves. It’s all done for you already.  Companies making prefab green homes offer a variety of floorplans and a multitude of ways to customise the design to your own particular needs and preferences.

Your local handyman might well be able to do minor green remodeling for you, but it’s a field that does require expertise, so choose carefully if you want the green home of your dreams.

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