Aloe Vera belongs to a species of succulent plants that grow in arid climates. This plant holds great value due to its medicinal properties and is used widely in formulating products such as gels, juices and creams in the pharmaceutical as well as the cosmetic and personal care industries.

It has the most miraculous properties of soothing, softening, healing and moisturizing, all contributing to its therapeutic effectiveness. It is used quite widely in a host of FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods) such as soaps, sunscreens, shower Aloe Vera gel, shampoos, makeup, body lotions and shaving cream. It is also known to heal burns, irritation, scars and stretch marks, pesky pimples and acne, herpes, frost bite and blisters. Not just that, Aloe Vera is also used commonly as a personal lubricant for those special, intimate moments too!

A large number of companies that manufacture personal care products are exploring the effectiveness of Aloe Vera gel as a personal lubricant. From the medicinal and therapeutic points of view, Aloe Vera is known to treat vaginal infections and irritations. Naturally occurring Lactobacilli is responsible for maintaining vaginal health. Lactobacilli are natural bacteria that protect the delicate sexual and reproductive organs. Lack of lactobacilli can lead to bacterial infection in the vagina, causing irritation, inflammation and soreness. This can cause a lot of discomfort while passing urine as well as during sex. Aloe Vera comes handy in such scenarios. Owing to its natural soothing and healing properties, it helps to reduce the irritation and inflammation in the vagina. Its lubricating properties further prevent bacterial invasion. Additionally, Aloe Vera gel also helps to moisturize the sensitive area, making it feel soft and supple.

That is not all. Aloe Vera gel works as an excellent personal lubricant for the men too. It is much better when compared to chemical, petroleum or synthetic formulations that may cause greasiness and irritation. Being 100% organic, Aloe Vera causes no adverse reactions or discomfort upon application as a lubricating gel or cream. Organic lubricants made from Aloe Vera are formulated with a lot of care so that they produce the desired pleasurable effect. First, the aloe leaves are harvested till mature. When they are ready, the thick clear liquid contained in these leaves, known as mucilage, is extracted carefully by certified professionals and under organic conditions. The mucilage is a compound of mucopolysaccharides, water, choline and choline salicylate. Upon extraction, the mucilage is further formulated to manufacture personal lubricating gels and creams.

The mucopolysaccharides form a thin, protecting layer that covers the exposed nerve endings of the sexual and reproductive organs. The choline salicylate present in Aloe Vera personal lubricating gel helps to soothe the skin in these areas. Plus, it has natural healing properties too.

Aloe Vera gel is quite popular as a personal lubricant and is highly recommended by certified medical practitioners too. Not only does it soothe and heal the delicate areas around the sexual and reproductive organs in both men and women but also provides great natural moisturizing to enjoy those personal, intimate moments to the hilt!

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