Every year, Newsweek magazine ranks companies around the world who are considered leaders in sustainability and pro-environment practices.

Since 2009, the annual list ranks each company with a percentage score that shows significant sustainable strategies or policies implemented by the company in the past year.

This year, Vivendi, a French multinational mass media and telecommunication company, has won the first place with a 85.3 percent that represents their efforts to embrace solar energy and their initiatives to encourage employees’ carpooling.

Botox-manufacturer Allergan, which also tops the US ranking, started its sustainability practices about 20 years ago. A recent strategy concentrating on energy efficiency and waste management earned them second place on the Newsweek’s top list.

Software giant Adobe is also considered a pioneer of green business, especially green building technologies. The company is a founding member of the US Green Building Council’s Building Health Initiative.

The World’s Top 10 List

  1. Vivendi (Telecommunication) Score 85.3%
  2. Allergan (Health Care) 85.1%
  3. Adobe (Software Developer) 84.4%
  4. Kering (Consumer Discretionary) 83.6%
  5. NTT Docomo (Telecommunication) 83.1%
  6. Ecolab (Materials) 82.6%
  7. Atlas Copco (Industrials) 77.2%
  8. Biogen (Health Care) 75.7%
  9. Compass Group (Consumer Discretionary) 75.3%
  10. Schneider Electrics (Industrials) 75.3%

US Top 20 List

  1. Allergan (Health Care) 85.1%
  2. Adobe (Software Developer) 84.4%
  3. Ball Corporation (Materials) 83.5%
  4. Ecolab (Materials) 82.6%
  5. Sigma-Aldrich (Materials) 79.7%
  6. McCormik (Consumer Staples) 77.6%
  7. Biogen (Health Care) 75.7%
  8. Rockwell Automation (Industry) 73.7%
  9. Cardinal Health (Health Care) 71%
  10. Agilent Technologies (Health Care) 70.9%

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