By TreeLiving You will be shocked to know that even in today''s times, when mankind has made a considerable progress in behaviour or, science, and technology, there still are thousands of people who eat dolphin meat. The worst news is that the dolphins are hunted and slaughtered in a merciless manner. This is something that has to stop and must not be allowed to go on. The governments of several count ries across the world have legally banned dolphin hunting. But there are still many nations that have no tab on this cruel activity with the result that it is still going on. You will be horrified to know that dolphin slaughter has increased in Japan as the demand for dolphin meat has grown significantly in the country. The growing affluence levels in Japan and the shocking fact that dolphin meat is relished as a delicacy in the Japanese local cuisine further predict that this phenomenon is only growing to increase in the days to come. There are many well known restaurants that serve dolphin meat and they are also directly responsible for the slaughter of these innocent and lovable creatures.   But many people who are eager to eat dolphin meat do not know that dolphin meat contains a high level of mercury which is very harmful for our bodies and can cause damage to the nervous system. It can lead to poisoning due to mercury contamination in the body and can even cause death in extreme cases. There is simply no point in eating dolphin meat when there are other fish varieties that can be consumed. They are not only safer to eat but also tastier and healthier options.          The most horrifying revelation still remains that such a beautiful, intelligent creature like the dolphin is slaughtered mercilessly just to please some people, especially tourists who visit Japan. This is an outright criminal activity that needs to be condoned by all possible means.  There are many environmental groups in Japan and around the world that are working hard to highlight this issue. Many animal welfare organizations are also working to ensure that there is a global ban on dolphin hunting and slaughter. If the number of dolphins decreases in oceans, this will have a highly negative impact on the water ecosystems. You can do your bit to save this beautiful creature. You can help create awareness about this sad truth among everyone you know and make sure that none of your friends, family members or even acquaintances ever attempt trying out dolphin meat, even if out of curiosity.  The annual slaughter needs to end. If you act now, you can make a difference and help save this beautiful creature while helping the planet as well.    To learn more, go to:

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