By TreeLiving Forests are the planet’s ‘green lungs’. The bad news is that millions of trees and huge areas of forest are still being destroyed by industrial logging and development every year, across the globe. That’s why Arbor Day, celebrated on the last Friday in April every year, is such a vital day to put in your diary. It’s traditional to plant a tree on Arbor Day every spring. By joining in you can hel p to green our environment and play a small but crucial part in maintaining the earth’s ecological balance. This year Arbor Day falls on April 27th in the United States. Arbor Day is one of the oldest eco holidays in the United States. Back in 1872 an estimated one million trees were planted in Nebraska. Today Arbor Day is celebrated in scores of countries around the world. It’s a day where people can learn about trees and reconnect both with the natural world and other eco-aware citizens. To redress the damage done by the staggering depletion of forests, thousands of acres of land would need to be replanted. It’s a daunting task, but every tree planted in a suburban garden or city street helps. If you can plant a bunch of trees, that’s fantastic, but even a small tree in a container on a balcony and patio makes an environmental difference. The Arbor Day Foundation led the recent quest to choose America’s national tree, and the winner was the oak tree. Of course you can plant anything you like, as long as it’s suited to your local climate and growing conditions. There are hundreds of species of trees that are suitable for big and small spaces. If you choose carefully, trees can even help you save money! As well as adding beauty to your garden, trees planted for summer shade can reduce the need for air conditioning. Trees planted as a windbreak can shield your home in winter. The fallen leaves from deciduous trees are perfect for your compost heap or as enriching mulch for flower and vegetable beds. Fruit trees will also reward you with the ultimate in green food. If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, you can’t get more local and eco friendly than fresh fruit sourced from your own back yard. Getting involved is easy and there are plenty of online resources to help you out. Without a doubt, there will be events and gatherings near you or you can initiate a project of your own. Get creative with inspirational activities of your own devising! As well as tree planting, fun educational awareness events help to raise awareness of plant biodiversity and eco issues. Arbor Day is designed to highlight the fact that we all need to be stewards of our green heritage but it’s also a great opportunity to socialise in your community or give the kids a fun day out in the open air. The bottom line is that a world without trees would be a world on the brink of disaster. With our participation on Arbor Day, we can help prevent that from ever happening.

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