Eco Friendly Cariboo Activity GymHand crafted from sustainable New Zealand Radiata pine, the eco friendly Cariboo Activity Gym will provide your child with tons of fun.

One of the most essential aspect that greatly contributes to a child’s growth are toys. Even though most parents tries to give their kids the best in the market, at times they fail to pay attention to the all important issue of using eco friendly toys. Not only eco friendly toys completely devoid of toxic, they are also safe in terms of usage and chocking hazards. Keeping the notion of environmental sustainibility, these “reduced”, “reused” and “recycled” toys also helps to introduce the concept of eco friendliness to kids at a very young age. Made of rubber wood, bamboo, organic cotton, paper, and other recycled materials, green toys are a perfect blend of learning with fun. Some of the green toys are mentioned below.

1. Organic and Eco-friendly Toys from Green Toys

Organic and Eco-friendly Toys from Green ToysThe set is designed for children from ages of three and up, they are entirely made out of recycled milk jugs.

Kitchenware always fascinates young ones and owning a kitchen set is practically every child’s desire. This eco friendly tea set is devoid of any hazards in itself. Entirely made up of recycled milk jugs, the tea set is absolutely harmless with respect to toxic material. Designed for children of three years and above, this FDA -approved cups and saucers can be very much used for eating and drinking without any worry. This colorful and safe tea set can prove to be ideal for the kids kitty parties.

2. Fire truck from Play Mart

Fire truck from Play MartThe Play Mart systems are made from eco-friendly materials.

There could be nothing better for parents than seeing their kids playing in the outdoor that too with eco-friendly play systems. Children playing in parks and gardens are considered to be healthy and sharp minded. However, there remains a cause of worry in the form of the play systems that are used. Mostly, in such places, the play systems are made up of plastic materials which are full of toxic substances. Needless to say, the children become highly vulnerable to different health hazards. But the PLAY MART SYSTEM offers a new range of products made up of wooden panels, milk jugs and the like. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also very sturdy and come with a warranty of 100 years. And to add, the take back program offers you to recycle the play system so that it can be used again.

3. Elves and Angels Fortress Wooden Castle Elves and Angels Fortress Wooden CastleElves and Angels Fortress Wooden Castle is a child toy handmade from Maine-grown, sustainable wood and is formaldehyde-free and finished with natural linseed oil.

The concept of sustainably- harvested wood is catching up very fast with the eco lovers. This precisely means using woods from well maintained and managed forest. This is done to curb random deforestation. Wooden toys for children are not only natural but also the most safest play systems. But at the same time random chopping of tree is undesirable. Therefore, Elves and Angels Fortress Wooden Castle has introduced a baby toy that is made from sustainable wood and which is Maine-grown and formaldehyde-free. Other toys such as blocks and miniature kitchen can also be made with woods. 4. Number Snail from Earth Smart Toys Number Snail from Earth Smart ToysIt’s made from natural wood by EarthSmart Toys

Earth Smart toys presents the beautiful “number snail toy”. Purely made of wood, this toy allows the children to learn different colours, numbers and also definite constructions. This eco-friendly and chemical free toy is not only child safe but also meets all the environment standards. 5. Wooden Teether from HABA Wooden Teether from HABAHaba’s wooden teether are perfect for the teething baby

Using wooden teether over plastic ones are any time more safe and healthy for growing babies. As it is known that plastic absorbs bacteria and wood does not, wooden teether have plenty of advantages over the plastic ones. Habba toy makers are convinced that commonly used materials such as Maple and Beachwood makes these teether absolutely child friendly, healthy and safe. 6. Chicken Rattle by miYim Chicken Rattle by miYimChicken Rattle is made from organic cotton and comes in four fun color combinations.

Other than wood, fabrics are also widely used for making eco-friendly toys. Made from organic cotton, this chicken rattle is a very soft and hazard free toy for the children. Available in multiple colours, this rattler surely adds softness to a child’s playtime. 7. Eco Friendly Cariboo Activity Gym

Eco Friendly Cariboo Activity GymHand crafted from sustainable New Zealand Radiata pine, the eco friendly Cariboo Activity Gym will provide your child with tons of fun.

Introducing kids to gym activity can be a lot of fun. The New Zealand Radiata Pine has come up with the all new eco friendly Cariboo Activity Gym, giving your kid all the required exercising options. Beautifully done to suit the natural play environment, this kids gym is portable and can be placed according to your own convenience. No exaggerated noise, the gym has four hanging soft toys to play with and they are absolutely safe for the children. 8. Green Dollhouse Green DollhouseThe Green Dollhouse is designed to help children learn how to live in harmony with nature.

The dollhouse is an apt example of energy efficient design. This house typically includes a solar panel, wind turbine and a rain barrel to collect rain water. At the same time, it has an electric inverter for generating electricity and a biofacade. Different types of blindes and shades are also used to adjust the room temperature to proper air circulation and sunlight. A dollhouse with all the essential ingredients of an eco- friendly home.

9. Push N Pull Elephant

Push N Pull ElephantA toy that really grows with your child.

What can be more interesting than having a toy that grows old with your kid ?? This multiple purpose Push N Pull Truckcaters to the kids need right from when he starts crawling till he starts walking on his own. While crawling, the large handle serves as a support system, and when walking, a string can be attached to make it a pull toy. Made by maple and hardwood, this toy is safe by all means.

10. Sassy Friendly Bath Toys Can Ensure Complete Bath time Pleasure

Sassy Friendly Bath Toys Can Ensure Complete Bathtime PleasureIt can surely enhance the bath time pleasure of your kids.

Bathing time is fun time. Almost all kids find water very interesting and playing in the bathtub more relaxing than anything. Sassy offers various bath toys that are sure to make bathing more pleasurable for your kids. Along with toys of different shapes and clours, it also has a fishing net and a bathing cap. All the toys are made to suit the needs of children and are safe for their health.

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