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Camping is a great way to get up close with nature, but for some people sleeping on a hard mat in a cramped tent is a bit too close for comfort. A holiday is meant to be a treat, not a trial. Roughing it, quite possibly in the rain, isn’t everybody’s idea of relaxation. For those people there’s a winning solution . Glamping puts glamour into camping, with most of the home comforts that we’ve all become accustomed to. Forget the old style of camping and consider the luxury twenty-first century version instead.

Those tiny little tents are gone. Instead, you’ll find capacious tents, tipis and yurts that are like romantic living rooms, but just happen to be made of canvas and located in fabulous locations. If you want more solid surroundings, luxury caravans with most mod cons are another option. In a luxury tent there’s room for the whole family to move around and none of the inconvenience of DIY camping.

If you’re going glamping in winter you may find heating units installed to get rid of the misery factor of camping when the weather turns. There’ll be high standard bathroom facilities and if you opt for a luxury service, you can even be waited on hand and foot. Some high end glamping venues offer a butler service and all the luxury you’d expect from a good hotel. If you prefer a bit more informality, self-catering is still possible.

Glamping has taken off all over the world. The reality is that an upmarket campsite appeals to a much wider market. Even hardy outdoor types won’t turn their noses up at a bit of luxury now and then, and if you really want to be immersed in nature, something like a remote hiking trail is always there.  It’s not a budget option, but you can’t expect to get glamour on a shoestring budget.  Still, there’s a range of accommodation options and prices, and glamping is a way for people who’d never, ever consider basic camping to enjoy getting back to nature. 

It’s not just about sleeping, eating and washing yourself. The facilities at glamping resorts are typically designed to give you an all round experience, including making the most of fabulous and wild locations. Outdoor activities, guided walks and other optional extras also help turn a camping holiday from a stressful survival exercise into a real relaxing vacation. It can also be a good choice for families with small children, who need facilities that are one up from basic.

You could get similar standards of comfort by renting a cabin in the wild, but you’ll still be insulated against the natural world you’ve come to enjoy. Sleeping under canvas really makes you feel part of the environment around you, and if you can do it in style, why not?

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