The government and science are looking for new alternative forms of providing energy for the earth. We still have fossil fuels but they will eventually be gone. The world also needs a way to run without damaging the planet. Wind is a viable choice but will our distaste for wind farms cause a problem?

The Problem with Wind Farms
There are pros and cons to all forms of energy including the use of fossil fuels. One of the negatives when it comes to wind energy is the noise and the bird population.
Let’s explain a bit further. You might have seen the odd wind turbine in a back yard or a larger one at a school. These large structures are used to gather the winds and harness them into a useable form of renewable energy. The wind always blows at one time or another and this energy can be used to power homes, businesses and schools.

For the wind power to be harnessed on a large enough scale where it can be useful to all, wind farms have been constructed. These are areas where a vast number of wind turbines are built. If you’ve ever seen one, then you know how magnificent it looks. But, according to those who live near them, it is a different story.

One downside to wind farms is the noise. Wind turbines can generate a lot of noise that neighbors don’t like to deal with.
These turbines generate energy through spinning rotor blades. The blades have a great span that has ensnared many a flying species like birds and bats. Wildlife advocates are concerned with the increased number of birds that have been killed in areas where wind farms exist.

The Reality of the Situation
Developing any new energy source is going to be expensive. Choosing renewable resources like wind and sun energy offer the additional benefit of several lifetimes’ worth of supply. Wind may be unpredictable, but as we said, the environment is always guaranteed to produce conditions that will cause it to blow.

As far as the wildlife, the same thing happened when people began to construct taller buildings and string telephone wiring and electricity along poles. The numbers associated with the wind farms are not as high as those associated with other building structures.

The truth is we need another form of energy. If we are going to reduce our dependence of fossil fuels, another energy source needs to be harnessed effectively. That takes money, planning and a few growing pains and we investigate what else is out there that can help the world to thrive and survive while reducing our carbon footprint.

Wind farms might not be the best looking structures to have around, but they are helping us in our quest for better more efficient energy.

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