By TreeLiving Do you want to start a healthier diet and convince your family to do the same? Where to start? Do I have to reduce meat, fat… both? The good news is, you can improve your family's dietary habits for the better and it does not have to be difficult or expensive. It can even save money. Here are some ideas to start. Replace white with brown What does it mean? It means to use whole wheat f lour instead of white flour when baking goods, or gradually replace it. Try it in pancakes, waffles, or pasta. Your family won’t note the differences! Choose organic food Buying fresh, organic ingredients and preparing the food yourself is much healthier than consuming pre-prepared, processed foods high in preservatives, sugar, fat and salt. Your food will taste better and you will be saving money. Eat what's in season Experts say the human body digests and processes in-season foods better than out-of-season foods. Besides, seasonal foods are much cheaper than out-of-season foods and you will be sure you’re buying fresh ingredients. Drink more water Learn to drink water more often and try to avoid soda or drinks that contain sugar especially while you’re eating. Go meatless as much as you can One of the most important ways to cut your food budget and to eat healthier is to cut back on meat. Make meat the main dish maybe twice a week and during the rest of the week choose meatless foods. This is a good way to start working your way to having meat only once or twice a week. As you change your eating habits, you will find that you and your family have more energy and feel better. So, start and maintain a healthy family lifestyle, today!

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