Some people think climate change is only linked to high temperatures but it is not like that at all. The evidence of climate change is right in front of our faces: record low temperatures in the north, record high temperatures in the south, unusual weather in certain zones of the world, etc.  

Extreme weather has been always in focus and now its frequency is increasing, it is also becoming the central topic in any climate change discussion. Climate change skeptics point out that the record cold weather is the proof global warming is a myth. Wrong! Extreme weather whether it is record cold, record heat or a flood, is the main proof that the planet is getting warmer.

Just look at recent pictures of the Arctic or Greenland to see how much ice loss increases annually. Is ice melting because the planet is getting cooler? Come on!

So, now most scientists agree that greenhouse gases emitted from human activities caused these changes in our climate, now it’s the time to slash greenhouse gas emissions and invest in cleaner, sustainable energies to protect our planet for future generations.


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