What do old things and nature have in common? Plenty – if you have a little creativity and some imagination. Upon pondering to a friend about what to do with mom’s old ice skates, she had an amazing idea. Pair them up with a sprig of nature and hang them on your front door for the holidays. Who would have thought!

Decorating your home using nature does not mean that you have to a craft extraordinaire. It just simple means to keep it simple and innovative. Spray painting those ice skates and adding a touch of silver paint to a few twigs off a tree made a beautiful craft. It was a win/win situation all around. Mom’s skates found a memorable use and the silver twigs brought life the magic of the holiday and winter season.

During the fall season, there are so many freebies for you to use when decorating your home with nature.

Bring Nature Inside

The most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind when bringing nature inside. You do not always have to have a specific idea or use for something that Mother Nature has provided for you.

For example, a twig on the ground may be just a twig on the ground – until you bring inside. Have you ever seen a twig painted silver and used as a centerpiece? Magnificent isn’t it? Keep an open mind, and you never know what you will come up with for decorating ideas.

Pinecones are another one of nature’s most comforting decorations. Spray painting a pinecone or simply put several of them into a glass bowl makes the holidays and seasons come to life. Making a wreath using pinecones is a time-tested tradition that says warmth and comfort to those who enter your home.

Flower petals melted onto wax candles say nature is glorious all year round. Melting flower petals, twigs, and even little colored stones onto the front and back of a candle bring nature indoors. You can enjoy the warmth and comfort from the candle and indulge in the beauty of nature both at the same time.

Think “Outside” the Box

Do not feel as though you have to be an expert in any area to decorate your home with gifts from Mother Nature. Think outside the box. Incorporating seashells jars of sand, and starfish during the winter months is a great way to bring the outdoors in once again.

A beautiful wreath incorporating pine boughs, spruce springs, or evergreen twigs with seashells and starfish that you paint white allows you to think outside the box when decorating.

Something as simple as a jar filled with white sand and bright red candle makes a big statement.

Decorating home with nature does not have to be complicated and neither do decorating home ideas. You may have a friend who is an extreme craft expert, and this makes you not want to try anything at all. However, there are ways around this when it comes to decorating with nature. Let nature do the work for you.

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