On birthdays and holidays, what do you give the person who has everything? Gift baskets are always nice. They combine consumable products with an attractive presentation to create a gift for even the hardest person to buy for.

You can find a variety of gift baskets online and at gift shops. But these baskets are often quite expensive. Why not create a basket on your own, complete with homemade product s? Not only will you save money, you’ll be giving a truly unique and meaningful gift. Here are some easy DIY gift basket ideas.

Spa Basket

A spa gift basket is made up of products that the recipient can use to pamper herself. Here are some things to include:

• Sugar scrub – Heat ½ cup of coconut oil on the stovetop or in the microwave just long enough to melt it. Stir in one cup of sugar, and add a few drops of nicely scented essential oil. Some good choices include lavender, peppermint, lemon, rose, vanilla and sandalwood. Place in a mason jar and tie a pretty ribbon around it.

• Bath salt – Pour ½ cup of sea salt in a bowl. Add three to four drops of the same essential oil you used for the sugar scrub and ½ tablespoon of baking soda, and stir it all together well. Place the salt in a small glass or plastic jar.

• Travel candle – Use Mod Podge to cover the outside of a small mint tin with pretty paper or fabric. Glue a candle wick to the center of the base. Melt soy wax and pour it to just below the top of the tin, let it cool completely and trim the wick.

• CD of relaxing music – Download some nice, relaxing songs and burn them onto a CD. Use your favorite word processing program to create an insert with song titles and a personalized message, and print it out on card stock.

Goodie Basket

Everybody loves a basket full of tasty homemade treats! Use what you know about the recipient to decide what types of treats to include. Just make sure that any items you do buy are Organic! Here are a few possibilities.

• Sweets – Brownies, cookies and fudge are perennial favorites. Bake them up using your favorite recipe, or layer dry ingredients in a jar and include a note with instructions so the recipient can make them fresh when he’s ready.

• Hearty foods – Winter gift baskets could include hearty items such as cornbread, fruit preserves and homemade soup mix (made just like the baking mixes).

• Healthy snacks – A gift basket for the health-conscious could contain fresh fruit, homemade trail mix, wheat muffins and bottled water.

These DIY gift baskets are great for any occasion, and they’re sure to please!

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