These days it is very important to save on energy. It is worth to our pocket and to the world. It is an effective way to lower the utility bills and put more money in a bank account. Anyway, it is also very helpful for the environment which is suffering a lot with the excessive use of electricity.  There are many ways to do it. You will just need a little investment or a DIY experience.

First of all, you should start with the simplest steps. Try to turn off all the lights when you are not on a room or at home. Also, turn off the appliances or devices that are not being used. According to some investigations, the 6% out of the total consumption of electricity provides from turn on electronics that are not being used but on stand-by option. You can eliminate these loads by turning off every electronic or light that is not being used. Simple, but very helpful.

If you are going to buy new appliance, please make sure to buy those ones with the Energy Star label. This means that they are energy-saving devices specially designed to protect the environment. 

Other thing you can do is to change your light bulbs. Why? Because the regular or traditional light bulbs waste 75% more than fluorescent lights. Also, it is important to weatherize the house properly. Almost the 50% of the energy consumption comes from cooling or heating rooms. The better insulated your house is, the less energy you need to waste. Keep the windows close and you can try a green living roof to maintain the building protected from rain, cold or high temperatures.

You can try incredible ways to save energy. For example, you can try generating your own electricity from the sun or wind. Solar panels are a great choice and they work with efficiency. Solar electric panels or wind power systems can eliminate the energy bills.

Last but not least, you should install a programmable thermostat. This device can manage the heating and cooling system of your house in order to save energy. So, it allows you to set temperatures for the different moments of the day. The thermostat is able to switch off the energy when you go to bed and switch on when you wake up, or just reduce the temperature for saving. They are Energy Star devices and smart technology that protects the world.
Now, you know some tips to save energy at home and to reduce the utility bills. Great, effective and easy ways: try them!

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