Refined carbohydrates and sugar in breads, cereals donuts, cakes, cookies, concentrated fruit juices and other processed foods often lead to low blood sugar crashes and sluggish, foggy thinking. Have you ever eaten a breakfast at 8 am consisting of cereal, toast and juice only to find yourself unable to concentrate and wanting to take a nap by 9 am?

That’s because ref ined carbs raise your blood sugar level quickly because they enter your bloodstream so fast. But the energy they provide gets depleted just as fast and leaves you feeling groggy and tired.

When you eat raw foods that provide complex carbohydrates, natural fiber, and natural vitamins and minerals, your meal takes longer to digest. The nutrients are absorbed into your system over a longer period of time so you blood sugar remains stable

Also, the quality of nutrition that your body receives from raw foods is far superior than from processed foods. When you think about this for a few moments it begins to appear obvious.

Think about why and how foods are ‘processed. Usually the reason for processing is to achieve longer shelf lives that will allow for warehousing and shipping time. So the processing really has more to do with improving manufacturing and distribution methods that will increase profits, and less to do with retaining nutritional quality.

And the methods of processing usually involve heat treatments or chemical additives to manage bacteria and decomposition. Either way, natural vitamins and minerals are destroyed. Ironically, processing involves deconstructing natural fresh foods and reassembling them into commodities that will survive weeks or months of storage.

But when you eat raw foods your body receives all of their health giving nutrients, without the addition of chemicals or the depletion that occurs with processing. Your mind stays clear, you remain alert to your surroundings and you have energy that lasts for hours. The bottom line is that when you feed body the nutrients it needs, it will function better for you.

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