The idea for wirelessly charging vehicles has been circulating for the past couple years and has even made it into the realm of reality with soon to be wireless charging of GM vehicles.

Now designer Gavin Harvey has created a tidy concept bus stop that will charge the bus of tomorrow, utilize renewable resources and add green spaces to bustling metropolises.

Harvey created the idea for his senior project and aimed to simplify logistics of electrically wireless public transport infrastructure simply by charging the bus stops. Harvey integrates technology from WiCity in China into his model to create a bus station that charges a bus each time they stop and pass by. The bus stop contains twin solar panels to power the blue LED external and white internal lights. The excess energy will be fed back into the grid. The bus stop charges the bus via coil technology.

Aside from the electricity, the bus stop will also provided much needed green space. Any water that falls on the stop will travel down the roof to the ECO wall. Grass is planted in a fibrous membrane along the side of the bus stop and any excess water will exit from the bottom of the panel. The electrical wires are, of course, kept safe within the framework.

Harvey manages to offer three revolutionary ideas in one compact frame. The actual building won’t be any larger than an actual bus stop and offers pertinent information such as up-to-date time and bus route maps using E-ink technology. This will offer easy to read maps as well as important changes to bus routes or delays.

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