Open this month at Fair Folks & a Goat is “Leaf // Cloud: Nature Tangible and Transcendent,” an exhibition inspired by the work of British aesthetic critic John Ruskin that offers new perspectives on environmental awareness.

Curator Alicia Lubowski-Jahn employs her expertise in landscape art and eco-fashion to create a visually appealing collection that calls on us to “connect with the absent, the hidden, the estranged, and the otherworldly through nature imagery.” Take a look:

Lubowski-Jahn brings Ruskin’s description of the “leaf” and “cloud,” as a layer covering the world sphere, to life: “Between the earth and man arose the leaf. Between the heaven and man came the cloud. His life being partly as the falling leaf, and partly as the flying vapour.”

Artists work with creative upcyling, earth-friendly and organic materials and techniques, within the framework of sustainability. Lilian Cooper records the disappearance and erosion of the North Atlantic coastal region with her Spiggie painting series while Dana Matthews documentation of organic farming in Delaware County, in New York’s Catskill Mountains, “suggests the pastoral idyll of French Barbizon landscape painting,” according to Lubowski-Jahn.

Participating artists also include Trey Speegle, Susan Benarcik, Liz Burow, Clemens Kois, John Patrick, and Patrick Winfield and designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, Kevin Cunningham, Emiliano Godoy, Stewart Webb, Stéphane Hubert, Daniel Michalik, and Colleen and Eric Whiteley.

Eco fashion boutique Kaight will join the sustainability-themed exhibit on June 14 with a collection of fashion items and accessories from designers and artists, including Abigail Doan, Sono Kuwayama, Fr. Andrew O’Connor, Jai’s Kizzy Knight, SDN’s Marcus Hicks, Eko-Lab’s Melissa Kirgan and XZ, Meiling Chen, and Ceca Georgieva.

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