Finding the perfect gift is difficult under normal circumstances. Finding a gift for a woman with an environmentally conscious mindset can be even more challenging. The following gift guide will help you find the right green gifts for the women in your life.

Vegan Clothing and Eco Friendly Apparel

From athletic apparel to fashion forward items, there are an abundance of brands and styles to choose from. Vegan options include items made from organic cotton to recycled materials like Patagonia Fleece (which is made from recycled plastic bottles). For environmentally friendly items, look for angora, merino wool, or Peace Silk. Peace Silk is silk made from silk worm cocoons without killing the pupae inside. From yoga pants to formal wear, you can find environmentally friendly options for every style and personality.

Green Gifts for the Fitness and Health Enthusiast

If the women in your life are health conscious then consider helping them make their exercise routines more eco-friendly. One fun example is a yoga mat made from 100 percent cotton, dyed with eco-friendly pigments. The mat comes in a variety of pretty colors. It’s made by Manduka and can be found online.

Vegan shoes are another gift option. If the woman in your life is a runner or enjoys a brisk walk, she might like the Vivobarefoot Achilles running sandal. It looks like a combination of a flip flop and a running shoe. It embraces a minimal approach and is made from locally source recycled materials in an eco-friendly manufacturing plant.

Accessories & Jewelry

Other fun eco gifts include a travel coffee mug made from BPA-free and silicone-free materials. You might include a bag, or two, of fair trade coffee in the gift bag. A hand painted 100 percent organic cotton tote is another useful option. The tote can be used for running errands or as a day to day carryall. You can find fun and inexpensive organic cotton totes on

Finally, don’t forget about the many varieties of all natural soap, body, and beauty products. You can find lovely gift packs of Burt’s Bees items at most supermarkets for a quick gift. Or you can find locally produced, handmade items at your local farmer’s market or natural health or gift store.

When it comes to buying ecofriendly gifts for the women in your life, keep in mind that it really is the thought that counts. Buying her a green gift shows that you pay attention to who she is and what she stands for.

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