Father’s Day is a time for us to celebrate how much our dads mean to us. Most of us show our appreciation with gifts, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. By choosing environmentally friendly gifts for Father’s Day, we can help the environment and encourage our dads to do the same.
Here are some thoughtful, useful and green gifts to conside



Solar chargers – If your dad has a cell phone, a laptop, an MP3 player and lots of other gadgets, a solar charger makes a wonderful gift. He can use it to charge his devices with the sun’s energy, lowering his electric bill and reducing his impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly wallets – Wallets usually last a few years at most. That’s good news when Father’s Day rolls around, because they’re great gifts for the dad who has everything. But it’s bad news for the landfills, since wallets aren’t generally biodegradable. If your father could use a new wallet, why not buy him a recycled one? You can find recycled wallets made from a variety of materials, from used bicycle tubes to repurposed neckties, making for some very unique designs.

Garden goodies – Does your dad enjoy gardening? If so, some organic gardening supplies might be the perfect Father’s Day gift. These could include gardening tools made from recycled materials and organic pest control products. If Dad isn’t an avid gardener, you could encourage him to start a garden by giving him a gift of seeds or plants, and perhaps some window boxes if he doesn’t have a lot of space.

Green golf equipment – If your dad is a golfer, you could green up his game. Buy him a recyclable golf bag or some eco-friendly golf balls that dissolve if they end up in the lake. If he could use some new golf attire, pick him up some organic golf shirts.

Doing something together – Most dads would agree that the best gift they could get is some quality time with their children. So take your dad out to eat, rent a cabin and enjoy nature together for the weekend or buy tickets to a concert that you can attend together.

Gift cards – If you’re clueless as to what to get your father, give him a gift card to a store that he frequents. This way you won’t have to worry about giving him something that will wind up in the landfill. He can choose his own gift or simply put the amount on the card toward everyday expenses.

Father’s Day needn’t be a bad day for the environment. No matter what your dad’s interests, there’s sure to be an eco-friendly gift that he will love. Wrap it up in some recycled wrapping paper or put it in a reusable bag and you’ve got the perfect green Father’s Day gift!

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