Paint plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your walls are warm and attractive. Paint is also used to personalize the look or appearance of your space. There is no question that there are countless merits to painting your house or office.Having said this, the wrong type of paint can wreck havoc since they can be toxic, harming your health. Paints that are made using volatile organic compounds or VOCs are known to release harmful gases over the years, making spaces dangerous for you and your family.

Thankfully, many brands have chosen to ward away this fear by producing safe, eco-friendly paints that are not harmful to your health. If you are looking for safe paint brands you can count on, the following is a list of eco-friendly options that will not disappoint you.

Bioshield Clay/Casein paints are created using natural ingredients that are raw. Natural ingredients, such as milk, are used to create excellent paint products and these are the ingredients you should always look for in a reliable paint brand. For this brand, you will need to add water to the ready-to-mix paint powder. Check out their full selection of paints to buy one that suits you best.

Yolo Colorhouse is another excellent brand that you can count on. Their paints do not have any VOC traces and are water-based. In fact, this brand has received Green Seal certification, meaning that it is reliable and safe. This brand is best suited for interiors and with a selection of over 30 colors, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Among some of the paint themes, you will find inspiration by air, stone, clay, petal; the list of hues is endless. They also package their products wonderfully to your delight.

Harmony Interior Latex is another exciting paint brand. It is eco-friendly because it is created using raw materials such as sunflower oil and soy, and does not contain any volatile organic compounds. This paint brand also comes with added merits owing to the fact that it is mildew and bacteria resistant. They also carry an impressive list of colors.

Green Planet Paints is yet another trusted name when it comes to eco-friendly paints. Their products are plant based, sustainable, have no VOCs and are non-toxic. They use clay-based and mineral pigments formulations and have a palette of 48 hues and shades as well as custom colors.

The key to choosing the right eco-friendly paint brand is to know the kind of ingredients they use to make the product. Some paints have little VOCs and are considered safe. However, if you do not want to take any chances, choose paints made with all natural ingredients. This way, you will keep your home and bodies healthy.

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