Eco Wave Power has completed the construction and testing phase of its first sea wave energy generation models the “Wave Clapper”, and the “Power Wing”. The testing took place in the wave pool of the Hydro-Mechanical National Institute of Kiev. The “wave pool”, 2.5 meters depth, and 18 meters length, provided Eco Wave Power with the perfect conditions for testing the unique wave energy generation technologie s under controlled wave heights and wave periods. Among the different tests, Eco Wave Power has examined the characteristics of 8 different unique floaters shapes (all with the same volume), through the following experiments: Measuring Voltage output in different wave heights, and different wave periods, Measuring the influence of side waves on the floaters and the connections, Examining different effects originating from the floaters' shapes, Connecting the floaters to different electric devices and showing a stable electric supply (with and without an accumulator), Examining the influence of floaters in proximity to each other, Examining the option to unite all floaters to one electric grid and charge a common accumulator, as well as -Examining the floaters' storm-protection Mechanisms. A short video presentation of the sea wave energy generation unit test can be found here

All the experiments were monitored by officials from the Hydro-Mechanical Institute, and some remarks were made with regard to potential improvements to the shapes of the floaters. Eco Wave Power has immediately applied such remarks and the tests results were determined to be successful. The Protocol submitted to Eco Wave Power, by the Hydro-Mechanic Institute, has concluded the experiments as following: “All floaters of Eco Wave Power Company have proved their workability… According to the results of the tests, we have reached a decision to recommend continuing the development of the green energy generation system that is based on such principles, and enlarge the model to greater sizes.” Therefore, it has been decided to move on to the following stage, which is the construction and testing of the medium scale model, capable of producing 5KW from each floater. The model will be composed of one “Wave Clapper” floater, and one “Power Wing” floater, in the size of 2.5 meters each. The construction of the medium scale models has already begun, and the testing will be taking place in early 2012. As can be seen at Eco Wave Power's website, the company has already secured funding for three ocean energy generation models, the last of which will be a full-size commercial scale power plant, with the ability to supply electricity to at least 1000 households. Mr. David Leb, the founder of the company, has stated that: “We are a young and innovative company in the field of ocean energy. As a result, we believe in a fast, yet reliable, progress. Our competitors in the ocean energy sphere had spent 5 to 15 years researching the ocean energy field, resulting with no commercial scale devices available for sale and implementation. We want to be different. We want to be able to offer our commercial scale devices within the shortest time frame, and for the most attractive prices.” As said by John Henry Newman: “Nothing would be done at all if a man waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.” Our system is being developed to produce electricity for a cheaper price than traditional energy generation methods such as coal, gas and oil and also cheaper than renewable energy generation methods such as wind or solar. This will be achieved by using low cost materials, low maintenance prices and low maintenance periods, still yielding-long life expectancies. The Eco Wave Power wave energy converter is a simple and inexpensive technology to harvest wave energy from high and low waves. It is designed to be simple and robust while offering technical advantages over other renewable energy generation systems. For further information, please contact Mr. David Leb, the founder of Eco Wave Power, at, Image courtesy of website

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