By TreeLiving When choosing what kind of roof you should install, metal roof is – although kind of expensive – a good alternative. Metal roof is durable and comes in a variety of attractive designs. Here are some advantages to considerate: • The metal roof can be installed right over your existing roof. Insulating the space between the two roofs will increase energy efficiency in cool climates. • Metal roofs reflect sunlight, which reduces the heat absorbed by the roof. This makes them ideal for hot climates, and the need for air conditioning is greatly reduced. Thus, metal roofs reduce your energy bills by almost 35 per cent. • A metal roof will last 20 to 30 years requiring very little or no maintenance at all. If you have installed it right over your old roof, it will last even longer because they are weather and fire-resistant. • Metal roofs come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns to fit the style of any house. There is also a variety of metal roof made from recycled materials that helps to reduce waste. Most of the types can be painted to look like wood, giving the roof a better look. Installing a metal roof also saves money because they last longer and are versatile enough to incorporate other energy-saving systems, benefits that make metal roofing a viable choice for people that want to save energy and help the environment.

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