By Christina Stymfal-Thompson
A estimate pulled for the Highway 92, Ramsey Road to Moson Road and South to Highway 92, indicates that there are approximately 3,230 homes in this area and evacuations are being done to an estimated 1,7 00 homes at this time.


Ash Canyon, Hunter Canyon, Stump Canyon (both upper and lower), Turkey Track, Three Canyons will remain closed until further notice.

Road closed at Rio Santiago and Three Canyons.

Highway 92 closed at Hereford Road on the north and Coronado Memorial on the south.

Road Closure has been moved from Hereford and Highway 92, north to Ramsey Road and Highway 92.

Highway 92 at Melody Lane

Y Lightning and Hereford Road is closed to all traffic.

Highway 92 and Palominas closed

Highway 92 and Ramsey Road closed

Hereford and Moson 

The following roads are being closed to allow for ingress/egress of air support units gathering water at these locations:

Avenida Saracino

South San Pedro and Ramsey

Loma and Highway 92

(all of these roads are east of Highway 92)

Forest Service security personnel are enroute to assist with the site security and road closures.

Mandatory evacuation

Deputies and law enforcement personnel are currently going through the area again and there is a road closure at Rio Santiago and Three Canyons.

The Fire has now jumped over Highway 92 at mp 332 (@ Stump Canyon) and is now burning on the east side of Highway 92.  There is a mandatory evacuation for the following:

Entire east and west side of Highway 92 between Ramsey Road and Hereford

All Areas between Ramsey Road east to Moson Road, south to Hereford

Hereford Road to Palominas Road south to Highway 92 and back to the west to Highway 92

Miracle Valley area is not encompassed in the mandatory evacuation.

Structure Damage/Loss:

No further structures noted as damaged or lost at this time.


All residents in this area will be encouraged to make advanced arrangements for livestock and large animals to be moved which will allow an evacuation process to run more smoothly if necessary. The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has resource information available to help move large animals. Anyone needing assistance is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 520-432-9500 and we will be able to give phone numbers for volunteers to help in this effort.

Anyone with special needs, such as mobility issues or medical problems, are asked to make pre-plans to include where they will go and what they need to take with them. All residents are asked to be prepared with a “Go-Bag” which needs to include any medications, important papers, money, and enough personal items to sustain them for at least several days.

Highway 92 is now closed at Ramsey Road and Coronado Memorial. We are asking that everyone avoid Highway 92 if at all possible.

All requests for updates are being directed to call the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office at 520-432-9500.

Pre-Evacuation notices east from Highway 92 to the San Pedro River between Ramsey Road and Highway 92.

As of 4:00 pm, Southwest Gas has turned off the gas line to 57 customers in an area south of Hereford Road and east to Highway 92 due to the fire.


Are being accepted at the Fry Fire Station on Yaqui and the Red Cross Shelter/City of Sierra Vista at Apache Middle School in Sierra Vista.

Evacuation Centers:

Apache Middle School opened by the City of Sierra Vista and the Red Cross

Cochise College in Douglas has offered the use of their Dorms in Douglas. Anyone interested is asked to call Dean Bo Hall at 227-9302 for further information.

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