By Rochelle La Mont “Sorry sweetie, I’m on a diet this year so candy and lavish dinners are out of the question.” >So what is a tree loving hippie chic like me to do? I researched some fantastic Eco-Friendly gift ideas. I was forced to narrow my list down to 5, but there are so many amazing options out there. Try browsing through for some of your own inspiration. My top 5 Green-Tastic Valentine’s are (in no particular order): 1. Natural Soy Candles: A perfect gift to set a sensual ambiance. Instead of lighting a traditional candle chalk full of toxic ingredients, why not settle for a more eco-friendly version. 2. Picnic: Scout out a couple of friendly trails in the area, pack up some sandwiches, fruits, and whatever else tickles your fancy (Don’t forget the organic wine), grab a blanket and head for the hills with your sweetie. Extra points if you catch the sunset! 3. Give a Tree of Love: At they have a wonderful “Valentine Tree”, which when donated, will plant a tree in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York. 4. Donation to your sweetie’s favorite charity or cause. 5. Solar Charger: This can be for the green-techie in your life (male or female). These handy devices self charge in UV lighting both indoors and out and provides power for most of your technological needs, without using electricity, yay! What are you planning to do for your Valentines this year and how do you plan to make it greener? Let me know by posting either on our facebook or twitter, I’m curious to hear what you guys have to say! Love & Peace

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