By TreeLiving You may have heard, “organic foods are not more nutritious – do not waste money on it”. However, studies from The Social Association in UK have shown that an organic diet can provide more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids than a non-organic diet. Organic vegetables and fruits may contain the same nutrients as those in fields sprayed with pesticides and chemical fertilize rs, but organic food has proved itself to be safer, healthy food. Non organic food typically contains harmful hormones and traces of pesticides. The strong pesticides that are sprayed in farms are poisonous by nature – they are designed to kill insects and pests but eventually they also impact the quality of food produced. Residues of toxic pesticides in fruits, vegetables and grains can cause neurological problems, cancer, infertility, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies and asthma, wheezing, rashes, skin problems, ADHD, birth defects and many other problems. Organic farming involves NO synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or antibiotics and this is why only organic food is truly healthy food. Here are five foods that you must buy organic: Peaches – More than 60 pesticides are used to cultivate peaches in non organic farming. This is enough to play havoc with anyone’s health. If organic peaches are not available, you can substitute the fruit with grapefruit, oranges or tangerines. Strawberries – Strawberries tend to rot fast and develop fungus – this prompts farmers to spray them with pesticides and the harmful chemicals remain on the berries till they reach your home. No amount of water can clean off these residual chemicals, so if you prefer real healthy food, it is safer to opt for organic strawberries. Apples – This is a fruit that typically tops the list of foods ‘contaminated’ by pesticides. Fungus and insect threats loom large for apples and so farmers spray strong pesticides in their orchards. Apple juice, sauce and all other apple products also contain traces of pesticides when they are made with apples cultivated in such environment. If you feel that peeling the upper layer will help, remember that the fruit's most beneficial nutrients are in its skin! So go organic or substitute apples with watermelon, bananas and tangerines. Potatoes – You use it for a number of dishes and also for all those chips, fries and snacks, but this humble vegetable is typically sprayed with over 35 pesticides that are hazardous to your health. You must look for organic ones! Spinach – This leads the list of leafy vegetables, with about 50 pesticides used to grow and spray spinach in farms. Why play with your health? Choose only healthy food and get organic spinach for your kitchen. If you feel organic foods are expensive, why not grow some in your own yard? That’s the best way to have fresh, healthy food year round!

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