TreeLiving was at the 2nd Annual Teen Choice Energy Playground event at the Hollywood & Highland Complex Central Courtyard on July 16th.

For the second year in a row, FOX and the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS encouraged teens to do their part for our planet and go green! Keeping in line with their GREEN IT. MEAN IT. campaign, Fox Broadcasting Company partnered with Global Inheritance to construct an energy playground where participants not only learned more about what they can do to be eco-friendly, but got to hop on a bike, swing, see-saw or wheel and generate some clean energy themselves! On Monday, July 16, both amateur and experienced riders pedaled 16 bikes hooked up to Global Inheritance’s “Tour de Energy” bike station to produce kinetic energy that is converted to electricity and pumped back into the grid. The site also featured the Energy Playground which included Energy Swings, Energy See-saws and Human Hamster Wheels as well as fun activities for all ages including t-shirt making, a Snow-Cone machine and a raffle! All of the energy for the event was generated by riders, making it a totally carbon neutral event!

This innovative energy event, which was open to the public, is a fun new and interactive way to get visitors and teens involved in thinking differently about our environment, promoting the show, enjoying the outdoors and creating clean energy.

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