G.E. and German photovoltaics company Gehrlicher Solar A.G. announced the start of construction on a 1-megawatt solar park in Aschheim, Germany. The project is part of the two companies’ plan to establish solar park projects

worldwide. Gehrlicher Solar A.G. is in-charge of the planning and construction of the solar park which will use G.E.’s thin film solar panels. The project will cover two hectares and will have the capacity to generate power for 300 homes when completed in August. Gehrlicher Solar A.G. is a Germany-based international photovoltaics company with subsidiaries and joint ventures in Brazil, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Spain, South Africa and the United States. The company develops, plans, builds, finances, and operates ground-mounted and roof solar panels.

Article courtesy of ecoseed.org

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