While we are all familiar with the idea of multi-tasking to get things done, sometimes we need a little more help in the arena of making life easier. While multi-tasking seems like doing double the work in half the time, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few tips to make life a little easier.

Many individuals today discuss how going back to simpler times is a great way to make life easier. After all, a simple life is an easier life.

Around the Kitchen

If you tend to make fast and simple meals that are easy and nutritious during the week and cook a nice big meal on Sunday, you are not alone. However, have you ever thought of cooking a little bit more on Sunday. If you think about it, you are already cooking a big and fabulous meal, why not make it even bigger.

Batch-cooking has been around for dozens of years. If you are making a roast, for example, buy a larger roast and utilize the leftover for some yummy sandwiches for the week or for a quick wrap for dinner. If you make your own homemade sauces, make more. In this way, you can jar it and freeze it. Pulling out a jar of homemade sauce during the workweek offers comfort food, ease and convenience all in one.

In the Garden

If you have a garden, chances are you will want to fertilize that garden. Use kitchen remnants that would otherwise be garbage for your garden. Banana peels and coffee grinds make excellent fertilizer as well as eggshells. Just grind it all up and toss it into your vegetable garden to fertilize it.

If you use your hose, why not think about purchasing a rain barrel for your garden watering needs. When you purchase a rain barrel and say, for example, and place it under the gutters, natural rainwater will collect. You can pour rainwater from the spout into the watering can and water your backyard flowers from there. No more lugging the hose around and fighting with it to wrap it up and put it back.

If weeds drive you crazy, why not try the old newspaper trick. Wet some newspaper and place it underneath the garden. This way, weeds cannot grow up into the garden and you won’t have to worry about utilizing weed killer or breaking your back pulling them.

For Cleaning

If you want to save money on cleaning products, you can start by using old newspaper and a solution of vinegar and water for your glass cleaning needs. This way, you save money and time as you don’t have to continually try to remove those pesky streaks that come from using typical window cleaning products and paper towels.

Do you have animal problems with your garbage? Place a little bit of cayenne pepper around the lid to keep raccoons and other animals away. Of course, don’t place the pepper where the garbage carrier will touch it. This keeps the animals away quite well, and saves you the time and trouble of repeatedly picking up garbage off your front lawn.

So, there you have it a few ways to make your life a little easier.

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