So you are remodeling with a view to environmentally friendly values and practices. Maybe you are doing substantial rebuilding. So what are the basics when it comes to selecting materials?

Here’s a quick basic checklist to ask yourself when you are planning your green remodeling.

What building

materials are environmentally friendly?

Materials that are Organic
In the simplest terms that means wood and other natural materials rather than engineered plastics and the like. But recycled man-made materials can still be green. The problem with most highly processed materials is that the technology used to produce them is polluting and energy-intensive, with massive implications for carbon emissions.

Materials that Derive from Sustainable Resources
That can be wood or other plant materials that are renewable resources. But just because it’s renewable doesn’t mean it’s green – beware of building materials produced at the expense of local environments and wildlife.

Locally Available Materials
Green isn’t only about natural materials. Organic materials and sustainable resources that have to be shipped or air-freighted halfway round the globe are not necessarily green. Buy locally when possible.

Processed Materials
Materials that require processing but are not processed in ways that overdose on harmful chemicals, polluting practices and other environmentally damaging practices.

Recycled Materials
The fact is the planet is overflowing with potential building materials that just end up in landfill sites. Recycled synthetic materials that would otherwise go to waste are just as green as organics. Everything that is ‘saved’ from the landfill and re-used saves more than using new building materials.

Materials that Can be Recycled in the Future
Unless you’re living in a tipi, your home and all its elements will be around when you’re long gone. Green remodelers take the long view when it comes to their homes and their environmental impact.

It’s Not Just About the Planet
Eco-friendly building materials that aren’t ultra-processed and packed with chemicals are good for your health and all other living things in and around your home. The ecosystem is finely balanced.

Find out more about the eco-friendly materials available and educate yourself about their provenance and processing. Green remodeling using green materials is the ultimate in smart, economical and ethical living.

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