Glowing skin – Healthy glowing skin depends on good circulation. And that depends on a healthy circulatory system and healthy blood. Plaques from the bad kind of cholesterol (LDL) build up that stick to arterial walls and cause clots and blockages are made worse by poor nutrition.

Also, a diet that contains too many acidic foods – mostly meat and dairy products — can cause blood to become sluggish and contribute to poor circulation.

But a raw food diet that includes plenty of green vegetables will keep veins clear and blood flowing freely. Green veggies are highly alkaline and will reverse the effects of acidic foods. That means your cells get proper nourishment and your skin shows it with its healthy glow.

Anti aging benefits – The most damaging effects of aging are not due to the wrinkles and lines on our faces and hands. It’s the heart, circulatory and immune systems that break down and come under attack. Refined foods, sugary foods, alcohol and rancid fats are the main sources of free radicals, which contribute to heart disease, stroke and almost every other disease you can think of that’s associated with aging.

A healthy raw food diet can eliminate free radicals and neutralize their damaging effects. Although certain vitamins like A and E are often associated with anti-aging, taking them as supplements ignores the important role that phytonutrients play in the effectiveness of various vitamins and minerals.

Good health due to higher vitamin and mineral content – Full benefit of the vitamins and minerals that occur naturally in raw fruits and vegetables. Most people know that processed food has fewer nutrients that fresh food. But most people don’t realized that cooking is a form of ‘processing’. However, steaming and cooking your fresh fruits and vegetables does destroy nutrients. With few exceptions, you’ll receive more nutrients and enzymes from eating raw foods than from eating them in cooked forms.

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