You know you’re supposed to drink water. However, do you know why? The truth is that if you drink often and consume fruits and vegetables, you may not need a full eight glasses of water each day. Yet, drinking more water really does improve your health, and chances are you’re not drinking as much as you should.

Water Gives You Energy
The cellular process that produces ATP, otherwise known as energy, requires water. Without enough water in your cells, the energy creation process slows dramatically down. Not only will you feel lethargic and tired, it can cause you to eat more in an attempt to find energy. Unfortunately, the food you eat won’t be converted into energy because you need water to digest it. Your metabolism slows down and life starts feeling pretty awful. The good news is that a glass of water, or two, can have you feeling better quickly.

Water Cleanses and Detoxifies
Your muscles, kidneys, and digestive system all need water to function optimally. When you drink water you help your body remove toxins. The result is clearer skin, healthier nails and a general feeling of wellness. If you exercise then you’ll also notice that water helps you recover more quickly. This is because it helps remove the waste from your muscles – waste that’s generated from muscle breakdown.  
Water also helps remove the waste products from your body by facilitating digestion and bowel movements. In fact, if you have infrequent bowel movements or are often constipated it’s a sure sign that you’re not getting enough water.

Lose Weight, Feel Great
Drink water and lose weight? It’s true. In fact, most weight loss and nutrition experts recommend drinking a glass of water before each meal and snack. The reason why is because it helps fill your stomach. When you pick up your fork, you won’t feel like you have as much room in your stomach. You won’t overeat and you may eat more slowly, which also results in consuming fewer calories.

When you drink water, you’re also helping your body digest your food fully. This is important because if your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients in your food, it’ll send signals that you need more calories. Malabsorption often results in consuming much more food than you actually need.

Water comprises more than sixty percent of your body. Drink water and you’ll help all of your organs function optimally, including your brain. In fact, when you’re feeling foggy and having difficulty concentrating, try drinking a glass of water instead of coffee – it may be exactly what you need.

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