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Have you heard of Hemp Clothes? If you haven''t, you''re missing out big time. Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and requires few pesticides and no herbicides in its growth which means its production does not harm the environment.

Almost every part of the hemp plant is used.  Its seeds are used to make oil, and its stalks provide more fiber per acre than trees, that’s why it is considered a renewable resource. 

Hemp can be used to manufacture a lot of products, including paper, bags, and clothing.  Is it durable? Very!  Hemp fiber is stronger than cotton…so strong that it’s also used to make rope and canvas.  At the same time it is lightweight and absorbent and can be easily dyed and blended with other fibers. Clothes made out of hemp last long enough to be passed down to younger kids when older siblings outgrow them.

Hemp has been called a carbon-negative raw material. Though most hemp is grown in China where there isn’t a chemical-free farming process, hemp grown in Europe, Canada and the US is generally grown without the use of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  

Many types and styles of clothes, from work clothes to delicate blouses, can be manufactured with hemp fibers. It is also environmentally friendly, economical, versatile and durable.  Need any more reasons why hemp clothing should be a staple in every planet loving person’s closet?

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