The more you spend time in the outdoors, the more you respect the environment, and want to protect it.

If you are planning your next camping and need to upgrade your equipment, or if you are a first-timer and want to go green, follow our recommendations on eco-conscious gear.


Catch the sun

Even if you want to go fully natural, you will need some energy to power comms, gps and lights overnight. Luckily, there is plenty of energy given by the sun that only needs to be collected.

Solar backpacks are a hot trend, that use photovoltaic cells to catch and store energy while hiking or just left in the open. From more fashionable options like the Birksun we saw plenty last Coachella, to a more trooper style like Eco Voltaic or Eclipse Gear, they are a useful companion.

If you don’t want to change your backpack, you can just attach a portable solar panel to it or carry a bigger solar power station to feed bigger campsite if you are in a group.


Solar night lights

You will need light after sunset, and candles might be romantic but dangerous and impractical. To solve lighting, you can get a Powercap Solar Headlamp that provides shade during daylight and a very useful headlamp at night.

To light the tent or the place, the best option are the LuminAID Packs, that charge with the sun, are safe, water resistant and occupy almost no space when deflated. Definitely a huge upgrade from traditional fuel or solar lanterns.


Eating and drinking

What about asking a little multitasking to the campfire? Meet the BioLite Camp Stove that feeds from wood, and creates a smokeless flame that can cook and generates usable electricity for charging small devices like phones and GPS.

A major issue when camping is having enough potable water without carrying bottles from home. To purify stream-collected water, you can rely on the UV power of the SterPen that destroy bacteria and protozoan cysts, and is also effective against viruses, with just the size of a flashlight.

For a more traditional approach, you can get the Vapur MicroFilter Bottle that purifies water via its chemical-free, advanced hollow fiber membrane technology.

With your filtered water, now you can enjoy some hot drink with the Sunrocket solar kettle, that heat and boil water without electricity and is safe for use where there is a fire ban. Its container keeps cold in the outside and can serve as a thermos to carry the hot water to use later.

With all that gear you will have all the comfort without damaging the environment where you camp. Anyway, even if you are a more traditional type of camper, remember to always follow all the recommendations of The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, to minimize the impact of your stay. Happy camping!