If you think about it, bees are really smart little buggers, especially the honeybee. The honeybee makes great use of nectar by storing it for the winter in order to have good nutrition during the colder months.

The honeybee works hard buzzing here and there and flapping those wings; therefore it needs to maintain that energy and what better way than to feast off honey. Honey benefits both the bee and the human, however.

The combination of sweet nectar derived from the flower plus the addition of an enzyme from the honeybee makes for an amazingly sweet treat. Honey benefits the bee, as it is a stored food for winter months when flowers are not apparent. Honey benefits humans in many ways, as well.

The Many Benefits of Eating Honey

  • Honey is an energy booster. The natural sugar in it provides extra energy. Who could not use extra energy? In addition, the beauty of it is that it is an all-natural boost of energy as compared to a caffeinated beverage. Imagine having an all-natural energy booster without the added caffeine.
  • Honey is good for your heart. It is said to be an excellent stimulant that promotes heart health.
  • As an additive to foods and beverages, honey is delicious. It is used in cooking, for example with honey-baked ham, and for baking sweet treats, and most effective in hot teas.
  • Honey soothes a sore throat. Its properties are excellent for soothing sore throats and reducing the inflammation that comes along with them. Honey is delicious inside any type of tea and can reduce the time it takes to heal from a nasty sore throat.
  • It is also amazing for Medicinal purposes. Honey has been known to cure wounds and to clear up rashes. It is thought to believe that it has some of the components of allergens contained within in, and therefore is great for usage on rashes and allergic skin reactions. Honey has antibacterial properties and is therefore excellent for usage in treatment of wounds. It is also soothing for burns.
  • Beauty treatments are made from this amazing nectar. Honey is an excellent additive or even base for beauty treatments such as masks, hand creams, and bathing treatments. It works an excellent moisturizer base.

While the main idea behind its creation is for the bee to have food and nutrition during colder months, there are many honey benefits in many diverse ways for our health and beauty, as well.

Therefore, as you can see, honey is good for the bee, but it is also great for us humans, as well.

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