Smelly shoes are caused by bacteria and sometimes fungus. Bacteria and fungus need warm, moist environments in which to thrive.


To deodorize your shoes, the focus needs to be on killing bacteria, drying the shoe out, and absorbing odor. Last, it''s nice to add a pleasant smell in place of the nasty one.

Shoes that you shine are generally made of leather . Shining shoes has two purposes: it keeps the shoes looking good, and also provides a moisture barrier.

The less moisture that penetrates your shoes, the longer they will last and the better they will smell. Remember to clean the surface of your shoes before applying polish. So here''s how to deodorize and shine your shoes using natural means.


1. Make a homemade foot powder using 1 part baking soda, 2 parts cornstarch, and the essential oil of your choice (2-4 drops per cup of powder). Peppermint and lavender are popular scents that also help to kill germs. Shake thoroughly and dust on your feet before wearing your shoes.

2. Baking soda is the king of natural deodorizers. Sprinkle some in your shoes each night.

3. Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with 4 drops grapefruit seed extract and 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray this inside your shoes each time you take them off, and before putting them away at night. This is a good anti-fungal, drying-out spritz that smells great.

4. Make deodorizing shoe inserts by filling old socks or stocking legs (tied shut) with cat litter. Place in shoes and leave overnight.


1. Mix 1 tablespoon olive oil with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply to shoes with a soft cloth and rub in well. Follow with a dry cloth. The lemon juice helps clean the leather as well.

2. Apply coconut oil to your shoes with a soft cloth, rub in well, and buff with a dry cloth.

3. Petroleum jelly is said to be good at preventing leather from cracking. Rub it in and buff.


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