Is the dad in your life green aware? Or not green enough? Either way, you can make Father’s Day a green event. A lot of celebrations aren’t planet-friendly occasions, but with a bit of green thinking and planning beforehand, you can celebrate Father’s Day in green style.

Top of your list is going to be a Father’s Day gif t. Make it an environmentally friendly one. If he’s a gadget fan (as a lot of men are), then a solar powered gadget is a green gift that’s functional and fun. Think about getting him a solar powered mobile phone charger, eco-friendly speakers for his iPod, or a green laptop carrier.

Disposable goods are an ecologically unsound option, but you can address that with a quality replacement for throwaway products. If your dad uses disposable razors, consider buying him a state of the art electric shaver. A good one will do the job better, last for years and make the most of his good looks.

If your father is a golfer, then he probably appreciates the beauty of the outdoors. Recycled golf accessories make sense for nature lovers. You can get golf tees made from recycled wood that won’t involve trees being felled somewhere else, and they’re more durable. Golf balls made from recycled materials are another green idea for eco-friendly golfers. Other eco gifts for sporty dads include breathable sportswear made from organically produced materials. You’ll also find accessories made from recycled materials, for almost every sport.

Maybe your dad isn’t the active type. You could try encouraging him with a mountain bike, for family fun in the fresh air. If that’s not going to work, think laterally. He may enjoy an evening on the patio with a cold beer. Get him some organic or locally produced beer, and some solar garden lights to enjoy them by. A present of a home beer making kit can also be a green brew option, and a great accompaniment for a barbecue.

For Father’s Day celebrations, whether it’s a barbecue or a meal, think environmentally friendly. That means foods that are locally grown and produced, instead of brought in from many miles away. Your local farmer’s market is a great place to find organic, local meat, cheeses and vegetables – and because they’re fresher they will taste great!

If you’re having a Father’s Day barbecue, use china or compostable paper plates instead of plastic ones. Wrap your gifts in recycled paper. For the guests who’ll be gathering to toast your dad, think about organizing a car pool or lift system for the occasion, so as to cut down on gas costs for you and polluting carbon emissions for the planet. With these simple measures you can make Father’s Day a green and happy day for all.

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