What happen when you merge reuse and decor? Pallet furniture!

A perfect project for DIYers, building furniture and decor with used pallets is a great way to be trendy and help the planet. Take a look at this beautiful pieces and follow the links with full instructions to make them yourself.

Patio furniture

I’m sure you’ve already came across gazillion of tutorials to make a pallet headboard -and you probably made it 😉 – but you can up your game with more elaborated projects like this complete patio furniture.

DIY-pallet-furniture-patio-makeover-www.placeofmytaste.com-2662You will need a nice amount of wooden pallets, tools and some time and help, so I guess is more like a family project. Both tutorials for the pallet corner sofa and the pallet coffee table are in this link.

If you own a covered patio with a strong beam, this pallet swing bed is a must! You will need pallets, enough rope and a mattress. You can find all step-by-step instructions in this link.

Storage and shelves

Every home can make use of additional storage space, and pallet shelves are a very ecological and cheap option.

A lifehack for your garage or shed: you can use a pallet as-is, fixed vertically to the wall, to store shovels, rakes, mops, brooms and every tool with handle or sticks.

With a pair of cuts and some screws, you can upgrade this storage to a gardening organizer. With just one pallet, you can have a very decorative board to hang your tools and even a small box to keep the pruning scissors and gloves that are more delicate. Follow the tutorial for the pallet tool organizer here.

In the interiors, you can reuse a pallet to make a funny mug holder. This very easy project just needs sandpaper, hooks, paints and all your artistry to decorate. Not enough mugs to make the effort? No problem! You can use the same principle to make a clothes or bags hanger for the entrance or the kids room. For full instructions for this pallet hanger, follow this link.

Talking about kids, their slim books and magazines are difficult to organize and keep tidy. Take a look at this brilliant idea of this pocket-style shelves made out of used pallets. I am sure that a lot of other uses came to your mind the minute you see them, too! This is a very easy project that you can make following the tutorial from this link.


Are you or your spouse a wine lover? That pallet wine rack is the right piece for you. A perfect match for a country style kitchen or a cozy cabin, you need just one pallet to hold up to 5 bottles and 6 wine glasses. You can download detailed PDF instructions here.


Have any of this projects already catch your interest? About one billion pallets are discarded daily, so there are lots of pieces that only need your craftsmanship to come back to life 😉

Had you done any pallet furniture or piece of decor? Tell us in the comments and we can feature your projects in next DIY posts in our site!

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